When I run my dryer it makes alot of noise. All the time it is on it makes the noise. Dries fine, just noisy. Good thing it is in the garage! It is pretty much a steady noise, not a banging noise. I thought maybe the belt was loose, and went to try to pull a panel off to take a look during halftime of the game tonight, but I couldn’t get anywhere with it.

You didn’t state the age of your dryer, but one quick test to try is run the dryer without any clothes in it.
If the same noise is being made it sounds like you may have a bearing going bad. Also it can be the rubber washers on the motor and drum maybe worn out and need to be replaced.

If this is a constant squeeling noise, maybe the bearing on the back of the drum needs some greese. this happened to me about a year ago. had to take the whole thing apart, remove the drum and put some axle greese on it.

You have yet to describe the noise other than that it’s not a banging noise. Maybe you could help by being more specific, please. Is it a rattle, squeak, squeel, wobble…does it sound like Beethoven’s 5th? Doing a quick search I’ve noticed that there are different problems related to different noises. This ranges from a slipped belt to an idler that need greasing.

We had a dime get lodged in ours.it was rubbing the cylinder and falling down.Took off the casing,got the dime out and made various vague threats to son if he washed his size 50’s with change in the pockets again.

To access the inside, there is a front kick panel that will pop or pry off. The top can be pried up at the front, and swings up on a hokey hinge arrangement at the back. If you take the back off, you may have a problem with getting the drum back on its supports, depending on how the dryer is made. Before you take it apart, remove the exhaust pipe from the back. run the dryer, see if something blows out the the exhaust stub.