My mother’s house has the electrical service weatherhead going through the roof, which has a metal roof jack with a neoprene or rubber seal. The seal is split and I put roofing plastic cement on it and wrapped it with black tape for a temporary repair. Can someone explain what should be done to repair it permanently? Is there an easier way than disconnecting electric power, cutting loose the wiring and disassembling the weatherhead to slide the old roof jack off and putting the new one on? Does anyone know if there is any type of roof jack seal shield either metal or plastic that I could install above the seal to cover and protect the seal point? I would think there would be a better way than roof cement or silicone permanently on a bad rubber seal. Otherwise you would have to continually apply a coating periodically because they will deteriorate and crack also. Please give me some advice.

First, try Home Depot or Lowe’s, or some other large home maintenance company. Or go to a large plumbing supplier, and get some of the tape they use for wrapping above-ground sewer installations, that should work. Or, check with an electrical supply house for something to make a seal on this installation.

Well i would go to the local electric supply house to see if they have the exact replacement Item. If they do not have it then get a tube of silicone caulking and use this to fill the void. You might want to cover it with some kind of tape to protect it from the sunlight.

Why not try to put a roofing boot over it the kind you cover the exhaust pipe that come out of the roof this might work.

Sorry but you may have done the worst possible thing to it. Asphalt roofing cement is usually incompatible with the kind of rubber that seal is made out of. Get as much of it off as possible. If this is only a case of the rubber collar having gone bad, not a case of the roof flange being bad, then here’s your cure…

You don’t want to mess with any kind of flashing that would normally be strecthed over the pipe because obviously you can’t do that with the service lines in place. Just get yourself a piece of black EPDM roofing rubber from any commercial roofer and get a stainless steel band clamp to fit the pipe. Cut the rubber to fit and wrap it TWICE around the pipe so that the bottom edge is barely in touch with the roof. You need to wrap in such a way as to form a cone with the base of it covering the old rubber. This will mean that the top the rubber will be winding in a downhill spiral. The last flap of the rubber needs to be downslope. Put the clamp on a ways down from the top so that it holds all the rubber. Trim the rubber above the clamp. You’re done. If you wish, seal the top with clear silicone or a urethane sealant.

There are split flahings made for this purpose. You take the screws out of the split, form the flashing around the pipe and sticth it back together with the screws/bolts. These are only available from a commercial roofing supply house.

I am checking out the retro-spin flashing kit that you suggested. Well, I was right on the thought that someone has devised a way to shield existing electrical services with bad seals that enter roofs. I am glad to see that is the case. Thank you for your help on this. Hopefully, I will get kit, which it appears can only be bought online. I will check Home Depot/Lowes but I doubt they will have anything like that. This is one great Yahoo group because of you.