Has anyone tried a float chamber set-up as a method of maintaining the strick pressure constant this burner requires. I have large and small mechanisms to try, the “small” is a float section from an old aluminum sidedraft carb. My fuel is filtered and preheated, so I’m rigging this up tonight. It will give me 2″ of head pressure (at least) the burner operates fine down to a 1″ head. I have tried “deadending” four different pumps and I think the peristaltic would work fine this way with a pulse damper. (an item I don’t have) I have also tried the pressurized tank with regulated air and two valves, one at the tank, an the metering valve at the burner. The does not seem to work, when the fuel level changes in the tank, she leans out just as in a plain gravity set up. I still having fun with this burner, the tank is waiting for some serious heat!

Are you the guy who wants no “excess” oil around after it hits the ball??? Here’s the best homespun explanation of what to. Suppose that you wanted a shower in the kitchen with a constant head. Pump water up to an open tank ( a bathtub ) on the second floor. From this tank / bathtub let the water go to the shower via the tub’s drain or via a siphon. If the tank overflows, let it do so, back to the pump’s sump. It can never go beyond “full” as far as the developed pressure in the shower line is concerned. At that point you have a constant pressure shower in the kitchen. Have I gone too far in explaining this??? I want you to get the idea straight before you go all over the map with various contrivances.

I don’t get flow off the ball when the pressure is above 15psi, My delivery tube is 1/16″ ID. The Plate (picture) stays hot and the fuel gets an extra heating as is trickles through the hot needle valve down the 1 inch drip tube to a HOT shrouded ball. The shroud has a drain hole and any extra oil is caught by a SS tongue that channels this occaional overflow out into the hot flame zone. This “tongue” is so hot, that the fuel rarely gets to the end of it in liquid form. Yes, I have seen your colored drawing of your constant head device and I may end up using it, but I’m enjoying the challenge of possibly doing it differently, did you study the LATEST AIRTRONIC info I posted a couple of months ago? The military has ball drains with the tiny balls…but the LATEST design does not drain excess off the ball…and this Airtonic is destined to be in every semi in the country. The EPA is upset that the truckers sit and idle the 500hp Cummins or Cat…the newest airtronic (also in RV’s) allows them to shut down and heat engine and cab with the tiny unit. The drawback, is that these two versions use filtered ball air and clean filtered fuel, but a Wastewatter might just get by with preheating and filter his fuel to use one.

I didn’t see the Airtronic stuff. Mine works pretty well as is and so I keep the temptation at a minimum by not venturing out and off the path. Pretty perverse, eh? If you use peristaltic pumps be warned that the rubber / vinyl tubing in them can get pretty soft when the oil is hot. They don’t work very well when the tubing gets this soft. Been there, done that. Stick with the gear pump and you’ll have no problem. The tongue idea is good, but even that will overflow one of these days for some reason or another. Then you’ll have oil all over the floor. Not a nice situation. Have fun whatever you do.