So the bathroom sink was clogged. So use more drain opener why not? Anyway everything else pretty much feel off as it was only held there by corrosion. This last piece just started crumbling. [Click here to see] How do I get this out? Are there non glue up way the replace with plastic pipe?

Once you get to good pipe, you can use a “no-hub band”, a rubber coupling with pipe clamps on each end. these are often used to join dis-similar materials such as plastic to metal or iron pipe. they should be available at local hardware store to fit your pipes.

Remove the chrome trim collar and then the trap arm.There should be either a female threaded hub or a threaded nipple.In the case of the threaded hub, the threads can be cleaned with a wire brush and a drill motor.From there, there are several choices in ABS, as well as a galvanized nipple.In the case of a nipple, you proceed based upon its condition.

The was stuck so I didn’t think it was movable. A little all purpose oil and it did. The drain coming out of the wall is galvanized and seems to be ok. Everything else is pretty bad.

If the end of the galv. nipple is square you can use either of two slip joint trap arm nuts. The steel nut with the rubber washer or the nylon with the tapered washer.If you are not sure, there is a threaded ABS trap arm adapter.

I don’t recommend drain cleaner, because you expose yourself to hazmat chems, especially if they don’t work and you have to take apart; drainpipe cutout with hacksaw is easy; (trap pipes are thin-wall pipe; Recommend replace with white PVC trap parts that go together with no tools or glue; the only trick is using right gasket at right point, installing bevel gaskets with bevel facing correctly. Hardware store plumbing clerk can usually be most helpful; Never had this type leak when gaskets installed correctly.