I’m not sure if I made a (big) mistake, but I’ve started this and am about ⅓ of the way through, so don’t want to change drastically how I’m doing it. I wanted to cover up blotches on my walls and so decided that the best way to do this was to apply wall compound and texturize the wall that way before painting with a spatula type applicator. Now I’m not sure this was the best way, but that’s the way eventually, after asking a million zillion questions, I did it. Now the problem is, after I do the initial layer of drywall compound, I guess I have to prime over that and then paint over that.

Exactly right, primer and paint. If you’re going to use a color, it’ll help if you have the primer tinted to the approximate color of the finish coat.

I used joint compound and a bit of white latex paint to make it the right texture. Then spread it on the wall and took wal-mart bags and swirled! Haven’t painted yet, but it looks pretty cool so far.

I already have primer in the house, it’s white and the color I intend to put over that is yellow. I guess the primer is all right?

It’ll be all right, it’s just easier to make the final color cover well if the primer is close to, or the same as, the final color.

I probably should have done it the way you mention. In the meantime, I’m stuck with putting on pre-mixed joint compound with a spatula type thing and I’ll probably leave it like that. I expect to prime over that and then paint over that. I have yet quite a bit of plastering to do, so I’ll do this in patches.