I’m getting the place really reasonable, because I said I would try to help them fix it up. I need to buy paint for the walls and I’m not sure what to ask for. also Is it better to tape before painting? my landlords know I have never done this before, but I would love to do a good job.I also could use some advice on paint rollers and brushes.

My advice is to buy really good quality latex paint. I prefer Behr, Porter or Olympic Paints. It will cover much better and last much longer. Depending on existing color and what color you are going to cover the old with, you may want to use a primer like Kilz as a first coat. The paint over it with your chosen paint color. The Kilz will prevent the old color from bleeding through and you get a much better cleaner looking finish. Patch any holes with a little drywall compound and sand smooth before doing any painting. The more prep work you do the better the final product. I also like to use exterior grade paint in my bath rooms due to the moisture but you don’t really need to do this.

As far as taping I use tape buy the blue painters tape. It wont pull the existing surface off when you remove it. Pros don’t need the tape they can just use a brush to get the nice edge my hands aren’t that steady. Make sure to rub the edges of the tape down really good when you put it on so the paint does not seep under the edge. After a few hours but before the new paint completely hardens pull the tape off. If you wait till the paint hardens completely you run the risk of the paint sticking to the tape more as you pull it off.

Rollers depend on the texture of the surface you are painting. More texture more nap (thickness of the material around the tube) on the roller. Talk to the person you are buying your paint from they are usually very knowledgeable about tools and the paint. They can also show you the differences in the various finishes in paints. Gloss, Semi-gloss, Eggshell & Flat and recommend on what surfaces that each finish is usually used on. Even the people at the big box places like Home Depot & Lowes seem to know what they are
talking about when it come s to the paint dept.

I’m in a similar situation, although we own a condo and I’m too cheap to hire someone to do the paint work. I might have to in the long run because for me it’s a tedious job and I’ve made mistakes. But I have received a lot of help from people on this board. While this board will help you a great deal, what has also helped me is also the following forum: www.gardenweb.com. Then look for the Home Forum and the Paint section. There are some real pros there that will answer every little pesky question you will have. I’m not an expert, but yes, you’ve got to tape up whatever you don’t want paint to touch, including door handles, hinges, etc. Also, are you set to prime, because you may need to prime and prep before painting. That’s been my problem. I have had to remove an icky mess of wallpaper and I’m still nervous to actually apply the paint. I’m still prepping. Preparing the surface is essential, so it seems.

I do not know where you are check around your area and see if they have a habitat for humanity store ,they have great paint very good paint cheap,as for prep i always tape then paint. wal mart has the cheapest masking tape but you might also find some supplies at the habitad for humanity restore.

Most nice landlords will buy the paint for you to use. And they will even advise you to the colors available. If he or she is a person that will allow colors in a room, then go for that. If he or she, says go out and buy the paint to deduct from your rent all the better. Go to thrift stores, or to habitate, and even Lowe;s at times has paint brought back others return…and it is way cheaper than full pice. You may get a gallon of paint for around $6.00 or even less. At habitate you may be luckier and get it for $1.00 a gallon. Keep this in mind, that the entire room don’t need to be all one color. YOU can contract another wall, and even wall paper another one. I know a lady right now that has hundreds or rolls of wall paper…you could use some cheap on a wall or half way up, or around a sink, or office area. Wall paper also covers lots of flaws…and brings out a room in a way it is easier to set furniture and lights to highlight..Think of the depth and width of a room, as to do you want it to look larger or smaller, when buying paint or paper. Lighter colores are to make it larger, and the brighter you go pulls the room inwards. Try if possible to get a washable paint and paper. Rollers, usually a small nap., but again ask the store clerk. I have used the fluffy nap, and done okay,..to really help paint the wall a base coat and sponge another one or two contrasting colors. Or over a base coat..dry brush another color..Stand back and see if you want more or less..white and eggshell paint can tone too bright an area down. If after you paint, then look for some nice pictures and mirrors to go with the room…never be afraid to try something once. Then too, if you have a couple friends near, that has painted before or wall papered..invite them to the house, for an day of fellowship-party. It can turn out to be the best time of your life. Just be creative. Let the rooms become who you are.

I happen to have A LOT of paint I’ve been trying to sell. It’s mostly neutrals but there are some colors too…I don’t know how good you are at mixing colors but that can be done too. There is so much that I haven’t been able to go through it all yet. Much of it is Porter in 5 gallon buckets that range from 1-5 gallons in them. I have a TON of one gallon cans too- many colors oil based and acrylic. ALL of them are very good high quality brands too. Let me know if you’d like to check out what I have BEFORE you go to home depot and look through the oops paint. If your local anyway–I’m in Clearwater. It’s $4 a gallon from me but it’s $15.00-$20.00 a gallon for the contractor that I got it from. (wholesale). anyway let me know!