I have just taken 3 layers of wall paper boarder off dry wall in my den. The last layer has been glued to the dry wall – not wall paper glue. I have tried turpentine and mineral spirits to soften the glue – to no avail. Any suggestions other than sanding. The glue is at the top of ALL 4 walls.

Try a shot of WD40.

My suggestion, go to Harbor freight and get a multifunction power tool.

I’m thinking of a solution of fabric softener and water, spray it on and then wait for a few minutes. then take a nice scraper and scrape, scrape, scrape it off. It’s good to warm up the solution before applying it. Or Goo-Be-Gone might do the job, too. Best to you. I went through a similar process and it was laborious and time-consuming.

Consider not removing the glue so that your labor is reduced. Instead, prep the walls for paint or texture by skim coating the wall with drywall compound.

The only problem with skim coating the was, even though it is a good idea, is that in time the wall paper glue itself will start to fail in places and pop the wall paper and paint off in small spots. rent a steamer from your home depot or lowes or whereever and get it all down. You’ll be glad you did.

Good point. Which reminds me that Zinnser has a product or two, particularly GARDZ, that claims to seal stuff so you can work over it without extensive prep. Go to the Zinnser website for explanation.