I have a question and was hoping that someone might have some insight. I mulched my flower garden beds with hardwood chips. I now have termites in my beds! What should I do to get rid of them and any suggestions on other mulch material? I live in Atlanta, GA so pine needles are plentiful, but I prefer the brown tone of wood.

I’m not sure you want to get rid of termites. I mean what harm could they do to your garden? If all they’re doing is eating your Hardwood chips. I imagine the wood chips would be much more accessible to your plants after the termites eat them LOL!

What harm can they do!!!!!! I’ve been building and repairing houses for about thirty years and they will absolutely eat your house if you allow them to spread!!!! I hate to say this but I don’t know of anything organicaly to get rid of them except to remove their food and water supply. Maybe others do. They also don’t care if it’s hardwood or pine.

Termites, I have to agree with pac mom on this one, that is unless the buildings on your property are built out masonry. You will need to chemically treat this problem. You may want to try baiting them. This will spread fewer chemicals than spraying. Several types of wood will not attract termites, redwood mulch comes to mind. Several other types of wood mulch will repel them. They are currently escaping me.

I would like to thank everyone for there reply. I guess I should have metioned in my first post that the flower beds are against my house and thats my main concern about having the termites. I guess I will have to rack out all of that wonderful much.

I use to live close to Macon GA, and I had problems with termites as well. After I got rid of the termites, I moved all flower beds further away from the house, along walkways and such, so that they looked good from the outside, but could also see and enjoy many of them from the inside! I always thought, kinda expensive, that wheatstraw makes a good looking much and also decompes quicker to feed your flower beds. Just some thoughts.