I need more advice. I have moles in my yard and garden area. I have been fortunate that my cats ate a couple of them last year. There are lots of mole trails that are fresh , though, and that concerns me. What can I do?

Moles eat bugs and insects that live in the soil, so technically, they are somewhat beneficial and organic, although they do leave those unsightly tunnels in the yard. My suggestion as to the most humane way to rid your yard of moles is to get rid of the Japanese beetle and junebug larva that the moles prefer to feed on. This can be done using parasitic nematodes or milky spore disease (not sure which method is the latest/most effective). You may also try to raise the pH of your soil in the problem areas. When I lived in an area with acidic soil, I had lots of moles. Now that I«m in an area with more alkaline soils, I have no moles at all.

Two summers ago it was our cycle for the 17 year „locusts” which are actually cicadas. Our ground looked like Swiss cheese from the holes left by the grubs crawling our of the ground. Everything was plastered with cicadas! We had the most terrible mole problem the year before and that spring. This year (after getting a puppy to add to our mix) I have only seen one mole hill on our property.

I know how to get rid of moles, although I«m not sure they solve the hole problem. I have Terriers, Airedales, and one Westie. There are absolutely no moles anywhere in their yard. Of course, when one does go thru, the yard looks like someone just moved the Grand Canyon into my backyard, as they will tunnel after the little pest, creating a large enough trench for them to go thru, (an airedale weighs in between 45 and 60 lbs), and of course, cultivate the ground as they go. LOL! BUT, we have no mole problems where the dogs are allowed. Unfortunately, I prefer them stay out of the flower beds and vegetable gardens, so they aren«t much help there. I prefer to keep the flowers and the vegetables IN the ground

Two choices, lethal traps or a mixture of corn cob grindings mixed with castor bean oil. Gardens Alive offers this product called Mole Med. Lethal traps can be set in the runways and are driven into the soil where the tunnels are. The castor bean oil only lasts a month or so, as they hate the smell of it.