Anyone out there had new roof installed recently? Or are you a Roofer? Our new roof is finally scheduled to start tomorrow morning. Do I need to remove all the mirrors and pictures from the walls for the tear off of the new roof? That’s a lot of work if it isn’t really necessary, but if needed, we will get it done. They said remove anything that might fall if it is precious to you; well, a few things are, but mirrors, pictures etc I would not like to have break, but some are heavy and awkward to get off the wall, so hoping to avoid this task if they should not be a problem.

Had a new roof put on recently – didn’t remove anything and no one mentioned it. Had no trouble at all – other than they started throwing the old shingles into my flower beds. Threw them further out as soon as I let them know and of course, they cleaned it all up. Now if you’re getting down into the wood, that might be a different story.

My experience (new roof 3 yrs ago, they tore everything off back to the rafters, put new sheathing on, then the layers) is that everything that can be taken down, should be, including ceiling fixture shades. Two of my ceiling light fixtures had their glass cover-shades jarred completely off. They were screwed on, but there was enough vibration over the course of two days to unscrew them, apparently.

Depends how old your house is too, when my porch roof was replaced, they needed to replace a 2×4 and didn’t screw it in but decided to nail it. Big mistake the house is over 100 yrs old and the original framing is as hard as a rock. shook the house and even knocked down a board on the ceiling of the porch.

I had an old antique glass kitten that sat on a shelf on the wall that fell over onto the shelf and broke. I never even thought to remove things like that from the walls but wish I had. I still regret that I didn’t and that was 15 years ago. (All I had done was old shinlgles removed and new ones put on.)

Interesting that several of you had problems. There was a big crew here and other than the constant pounding of the hammers which got pretty bad we had no problems at all and I have a lot of mirrors/pictures on the walls and glass items sitting around. This is the 3rd house we’ve re-roofed over the years and no one has ever mentioned removing things. I wonder what the difference is?

The difference is: Spec Houses with cheap trussed roofs on 24 inch centers. Pounding on the roof transfers vibrations to the ceiling joists which then transfers to inner and outer walls. You just can’t beat a good old fashioned rafter roof with a real floored attic for storage or extra living space. I’ve seen ceiling fixtures jump and sway just from someone walking on one of these cheap roofs, and folks wonder why they go to pieces in a good wind storm.

My husband has done roofing and has re-roofed most of our house. He never had any problems with stuff falling off the walls. I didn’t have to take anything down. I didn’t think any heavy items will bounce and fall unless they are not hung on strong enough hangers. Otherwise, just take down the nick knacks you want to keep. Hope this helps.