My clothes seem too wet when I take them out of the washer. I have even tried running it through the spin cycle a second time. Is this an easy fix? I thought maybe a lose belt. I called a repair man and it was going to be $75 just for the service call, not including the labor and parts. I have seen used washers on Craigslist for $100 so I don’t really want to put a lot of money into a washer that may be beyond its years.

The fix is relatively easy, but the explanation is not. There is a small hole that allows air to escape during the spin cycle that would otherwise cause the pump to cavitate. Not all machines require this feature but it was a real problem with the older Kenmore and similar models. The fix back then was as simple as either cleaning the hole or making a new one with an Ice pick. When water in sprayed into the tub during the spin cycle and if this hole is plugged the pump will cavitate not removing the water. You may even notice that there is a small amount of water left in the tube when the clothes are finished, which is a sure sign the hole is plugged. This of course may not be the problem you are having and without seeing the machine in operation it is difficult to know. Those older Kenmore and Whirlpool machines would now be over 30 years old so yours should not be that type.

Where is this hole located?

Machines that have a drop outlet or debris catcher (they have a fancy name for it but memory fails me) on the outer tube before the water goes into the pump may have this vent hole. You did not say what brand of machine you had so I can’t tell you much more.