I’m having trouble with a washing machine. It’s a Whirlpool top loader (not the new variety). Once you turn the washer on, it will not stop filling with water. A few months ago there was problems with the washer not draining. At that time I replaced the lid switch (Part # 3949238) and it successfully started draining and going into the next cycle. There weren’t any problems until now Is this new problem (and possible relation to the old problem) related to the timer? That part is about $70. I’m trying to figure out if I should fix it or replace the washer itself.

Is the lid switch in the back or front? if its in the back, check the alignment…or check this site

That happened to me a few years ago and I replaced the part with the pressure switch hose on it.

Earlier I was doing some searches and saw that others have had the same problems. In one forum a person directed another to this link. I am really hoping there is just a problem with the hose that is attached to the water level switch. That would be cheaper than replacing the switch itself. Apparently there can be a break in the hose which throws the pressure off. Also the switch itself might no longer work. I’m going to use my multimeter for the first time and see if I can figure that out. The water drained once I pushed the button in and turned it over to the spin cycle. I’ll have to go back and check things out again specifically to compare the symptoms to that link that you posted. If I’m able to figure out the problem and repair it I’ll report back
just in case someone else has the same problem on down the line.