I am in the process of remodeling a house to sell and there are a few things I am unable to do myself. Texturing walls, building a small deck and changing out a patio door. Also if possible dirt to fill a hole and spreading it out. I am in the Kansas City metro area. Does anyone know of a person or persons who can assist in a bartering manner? I will pay for the materials, I just need the assistance in carrying out the tasks.

Not to cry here, but due to severe arthritis, recent surgeries (one on right hand) and Chemo, my energy and strength is greatly diminished. Thanks in advance for any information.

If you have a local freecycle group in your area, there is usually a cafe of some sort connected to it for bartering, selling and purchasing from other people. They also give helpful hints for your area. As for getting dirt for filling areas in your yard we have found that our local recycling center sells compost from all of the leaves, branches and lawn scraps that we put out on the curb for pick up. food for thought.

Thanks for the heads up about FreeCycle – I would have never thought about that. I’ll check FreeCycle out and see if they have any kind of cafe site. I’ve posted on www.wishuponahero.com about week ago, but have only had views – no offers. It’s a nice group and since registering with them, I’ve been able to be a hero for a few others.

I also forgot to mention I needed an electrician to check out the house too. I did look on Craig’s list and responded to an electrician willing to barter- Maybe he’ll call tomorrow. On the fill dirt – I’ll have to find out who to call as I’ve never heard of any company that picks up clippings, leaves, etc. As far as I’m aware, our trash company picks it up and it’s deposited with the other trash.

The compost that is offered in our area is through the Solid Waste Authority if you don’t have it going on in your area, it might be an idea to toss in their direction.

You could try your local freecycle group for assistance. I have met people on there that are willing to extend themselves. Craigslist, too, might have some willing participants. Do you have a local radio show that has a time to buy and sell stuff? When we lived in Kentucky they had a local program in the morning that would take free want ads over the phone & broadcast them. Hope you manage to get some help.

I have been checking out the freecycle groups in my area for the past 2.5 hrs. The only bartering I am finding is for objects. I have also requested membership to the largest freecycle in our area (over 14,000 members). Was previous member, but had so many emails, had to stop. Also checking out bartering websites – I’ve researched about 8 of them (nationwide) with no one in my area listing. The four bartering sites I’ve located in my area, have little to no membership (1 – 6 people) or no action since October 2009.

I don’t have a church family at this time, but before the medical issues, I was a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity – I think I will try to contact a few I worked with and see if they know of anyone. Typically, HH uses licensed electricians, etc. I’ve checked Craigs list but have not had a positive outcome with it. Thanks for your suggestions – please send more if you have any. I’m still trying!! Update: Just received the rules from the large Freecycle group. No trading or bartering allowed.