We are now going to take out our kitchen window and replace it with sliding glass doors. When I ask my husband when would we get it done, he said, “I don’t know, I guess when I find out how to put screws in the concrete” So,I am asking just that. Our home is concrete. Thank you.Oh and do you know about how long a project like that might take?

There are a number of ways to anchor into concrete. Tapcon concrete screws are one. The key to tapcons is to have the proper sized and type of drill bit. Many times the bit comes with the screws. You will need an electric drill to drive the bit into the concrete.

Masonry anchors are another. Masonry anchors need a much larger hole but they have much more holding power as well since it wedges the anchor bolt inside the wall. I have used these to anchor our swing on our patio. Yes our patio is all concrete. Probably wouldn’t hurt to use some form of glue or mastic also. Even
caulk will help hold it in place and seal it up.

I have used the Tapcon screws for hanging things on a concrete wall, etc. It does take a little bit of muscle power to drill the holes. You need to keep a constant pressure on the bit and use a slow speed. As to how long it will take depends on all of the variables. Are you just removing a large window and then installing the doors in the same opening? Do you need to enlarge or shrink the opening?

I replaced my patio door in one day (wood construction, 2 x 6 walls). I had to make the opening narrower by installing 2 x 6’s on the sides and repair the floor under the door due to rot. Used epoxy (small area). That did not include the inside repairs to the drywall, the molding on the outside and the replacing the deck boards. It also took two days of preparation before hand to stain the inside of the doors and then apply the finish before installing.

What do you mean your home is concrete? Is it concrete blocks, or some other such thing? The worst part will be cutting out the concrete down to the floor, so the opening is big enough for the door. Cutting concrete is a very messy job. I would then use Topcon screws and put treated lumber, 2×6 or 2×4 around the opening, sides and top. Fill all gaps with spray foam, and then install the door.

If you will use a 1/2 rotary/hammer drill with the proper size masonry drill bit you can do the drilling for the screws very easy. Also I would suggest using TapCon masonry anchors for the screw in taps as they are self tapping. All you need then is the proper screw for the size holes in the door.