Two years ago we bought a used almost new GE very plain stove/oven and found a mouse nest had been under the stove top. We removed the top/sides and back, and replaced the nasty insulation with leftover insulation we had for a project in the house. We put in a high quality insulation.

I didn’t have a problem until this spring when I noticed the top of the stove became very hot to the touch when the oven was on.. I haven’t used the oven since.

I just bought replacement insulation from an appliance man for $45 and can’t help but notice how much the insulation resembles the house type insulation that we had put in.

Did I get ripped off? IS there a difference between the insulation types?

Home insulation if fiber glass and oven insulation if usually rock wool. Rock wood is more dense and able to withstand higher temperatures. Fiber glass provides dead air space while the rock wool in an oven provides a heat barrier.

Not sure if you got ripped off, but there is a difference between the insulation. Stove/oven insulation has to deal with high temperatures while regular household insulation just needs to stop air flow. I have noticed that the insulation in stoves looks like regular (except it isn’t pink) but I’m sure it’s made of different material. Was it a packaged item or just some he had laying around?

I would try calling around to a few Repair places, and just ask what to buy to replace mouse messed up insulation. See what they say. It might come already cut to fit too. Ask if its any different than what is put in an attic. I think it must be, A for temp. and also its not as thick or it would take up too much space in the cabinet.

I own a glass factory-and yes insulated glass for oven are different than insulation you would find for a wine cellar door or just all around. Due to the high temp its usually insulated with pyrex looks the same but its different And expensive.