We’re doing a kitchen remodel, and I found these ACP Faux metal backsplashes at Lowes. It’s a plastic, actually, but LOOKS like real metal – but won’t dent. Looks SUPER easy to install. Has anyone used these? Any comments? My biggest concern is the backsplash area behind/above the cooktop – it says, not for use BEHIND a stove, but ok ABOVE a stove – does that mean cooktop area? I suppose there’s a melting hazard. I’m thinking, if hot spaghetti sauce splatters, does that melt the plastic? Or does it need more than that?

We put those up. Some of them ended up behind the section of the stove that has the knobs. We did not see the warning about staying away from the stove. They have been up almost a year and we have not had a problem but we don’t cook a lot either. Will have to pay more attention the next time we use the top of the stove. They installed very easily with the double stick tape and the trim pieces that Lowes sells finishes them off very nicely. Those who do not see the things at Lowes think that we have metal backsplashes.

Are these the antique metal ceiling looking plastic panels about a foot square that come in silver or copper color? Or, is it something I haven’t seen yet.

We’re planning on using that too, and after a lot of thought have decided to use tile on the wall directly behind the stove top area. I can’t remember where I read it, but I do believe there is a temperature rating for it somewhere.

I’m not trying to say you should put the faux metal tiles up, but I’m sure the manufacturer has to put a warning on it. I doubt my stove would give off any such terrific heat to damage the tile. In fact, this discussion is encouraging me to do it if I want to. I DOUBT hot spaghetti sauce would ruin it. Why not put up a test piece and see? Maybe put a bit of hot oil or sauce on it and see if it melts. I touched it in the store. If you feel more comfortable about ceramic tile, I certainly would put that up instead. But I don’t think I can deal with ceramic tile right now because it would be a longer process putting it up. Some have gotten on my case because I’m thinking to paint and/or polyurethane my counter tops.