Is it possible to run a beckett oil burner on heated WVO? I’m thinking of heating the oil with a water heater getting it up to temp. That way I may be able to avoid using a compressor on the burner. I would like to run my existing burner without getting crazy with the compressed air. Does this sound possible? Heat the oil to 160 degrees with the water heater. Maybe hotter. Devise a fuel line warming system to avoid clogging. Devise a purging system to avoid aforementioned clogging. Run burner on filtered WVO. Repeat. Am I dreaming? Could this work with further modifications? I just don’t want to get too crazy modifying the existing pumping system. I.E. controllers, compressors, 8 different lines, custom one off nozzles.

There are a lot of us here that are using or trying to use WVO in our furnaces. I really don’t think any of us are looking to see how complicated we can make it. PLEASE do what Jesse said and have a look at what others have done. I have been working at this for a while now and have been using information provided by others here. I have looked for the simplest way and have done lots of testing of ideas. This group is right. What you see here IS the simple way as complicated as it is.

Do some reading and you will find that there are two setups being used. One is the high pressure nozzle method (used on home heating furnaces) and the other is the siphon nozzle method (used on waste oil furnaces that are normally found in some commercial establishments). Your job will be to figure out which method is what you want to use and then figure out what others have done and DUPLICATE that. It will save you many hours of frustration trying to (as Jesse said) re-invent the wheel.