I was wondering if anyone found a good ratio of waste oil (engine,transmition,and gear oil) to diesel fuel (#2 or #1 diesel)? Is it dependable as igniting like a regular fuel oil furnace? I have an old sears regular fuel oil furnace and have been starting it on diesel fuel and switching it over to waste oil once running.Have to bleed out the waste oil until I get pure diesel to get it lit again. I use this for heating my shop.setup is as follows:100+ psi pump,.75gph nozzel @ 60H,(regular furnace).Just trying to get by without investing to much at this point but would like to convert to all wast oil in future.I have tried preheating the oil with a engine block heater with no luck. It didn’t make a bit of difference.

The oil has to be hot at the nozzle right at the point of ignition. Unless you have a VERY short pipe between the heater and the nozzle the cold oil will come out and will not light and then the controller will decide times up and before the hot oil has time to get to the nozzle it goes into lockout. At say 1 gall/hr a 1/4” pipe between the heater and the nozzle can hold enough so that by the time the hot oil has arrived at the nozzle time is up by the controller.

we are using pure vegetable oil mixed with 50% diesel fuel and we cannot get it to burn. We took the pump right out of the unit and watched it spray and we watched the ignition fired into it and it would not light. We had the jug of oil in the sun and it was warm to the touch and it would not light. How hot does it have to be? In cold weather when the furnace kicks on more how much volume of oil would you have to keep heated? Could you explain how to set the heater up it is a Beckett burner and it says suntec on the pump. If we are following you right in order to keep enough hot oil the oil coming out of the pressure side of the pump into a small heating tank which is connected to the nozzle tube. We just had a new furnace put in so we are experimenting with our 10 or 11 year old one. Do you have to do the chemical reaction to get it to burn?

My recommendation if it has not already been stated, would be to be aware of the possible tank contamination and fast settling of WVO if mixing in your normal oil tank.

I haven’t tried this myself but someone that I work with runs his shop furnace with an unmodified Beckett burner on 30%WMO/70%HHO with the inside fuel tank at 55 degrees or more. He did bump up the pump pressure to 140 psi. He has been running 30% WMO for two years and he ran 20% WMO for at least 2 years before that.

275–300 degrees to get the oil to ignite. You have to look at the modified burners in the Photos sections. Successful mixtures without a preheater have ranged from 10 to 20 percent and anything over that is a miracle. No Chemicals are needed an it seems you are really confused on this: For starters, you may be able to burn a wvo/hho oil mixture from 10-20 without ANY modification to your burner. However, I haven’t seen your oil or how you filter so I can’t tell you what percent is going to work. The wvo/hho has to be thoroughly mixed together before you attempt this, so don’t just dump it in, it sinks to the bottom. IF you are going try a percentage higher that 20% then you are probably going to need a preheater that gets the oil up to between 275-300 degrees at the nozzle. If you are going to go to the trouble to build a pressure nozzle system with a preheater then you will be able to run mixes or 100% veg oil, although we have moves away from a pressure nozzle system to a siphon nozzle system. Third, we talk about two different systems here, pressure nozzle and siphon nozzle.