I recently found out my washer vent wasn’t put in right before i bought my trailer. But no i have some serious condensation on my tin roof(I live in a mobile home). I cannot afford a dehumidifier so I was wondering if there is any other way i can try to remove this condensation so i do not have to rip my whole ceiling out. I have fans in there now but it seems to be only drying the wood from the leaking vent.

You have a couple ways to go , One open all doors and windows, install several fans and keep circulating the air may take a while. Two Turn your air condictor on its lowest setting (a dehumidifier works just like your air conductor. agsin turn on several fans to help with air circulation.

I live in a mobile with tin roof. Here’s a way to preserve thios type of roof.
1) Cover the roof with nylon screen.
2) Cover the screen with two coats of Henry’s white roof coating elastomer.
I had some serious leaks in my roof. Put the above roof treatment on. No more leaks. It will have to have one new coat every two or three years. That’s a lot cheaper over the long haul, than paying a roofer. They want $1000 to put on two coats of elastomer, no fabric, and it has to be done every two or three years, for $800. A new metal or fiberglass roof is $3000, and has to be redone every five years.

Can you afford to rent a dehumidifier? Most tool-rental places rent them to dry places out after floods. You’ll need to rent a blower + dehumidifier.