I have a flat roof that is leaking in two spots. Can someone please tell me what I need to buy to get it fixed. Any pointers on how to fix it would also be appreciated.

Henry’s roof repair works well for most roofs that I can think of. You can get it at Home Depot. You just apply it with a spatula or a piece of wood or whatever you have laying around that can be used to apply it. This link shows the different products they have for roof repair. It’s easy to use, you just have to find the leak.

I have used roof tar on small flat roofs (Henry’s) and it worked pretty well-If you have a home center close by they should have everything you need.

They make roof coating for trailer roofs, which are nearly flat. You can get it at a home builder’s supply. I have used it for coating trailer roofs. Works great. Use the white king. Aluminum doesn’t stand up as well. If you put it on just before a rain, the water will wash it away. It needs a couple of days to set up completely. If you have gaps in the roofing, use some nylon screening to cover the gaps before coating, or get some Henry’s fiberglass tape. It comes 6″ wide. Also, you will need two or three coats. Just put it on with a long handled paint roller. You will need to put one more coat on about every three years.

Does the roof have gravel on it? If there is gravel on it the gravel must be removed down to a smooth surface. Never apply roof cement over roof gravel.