I hired 2 guys to install Pergo laminet floors and they didn’t know how to finish the job. They left a gap about 1 and a half inches between the flooring and the wall. It’s tongue and groove panels so I can’t just put a strip in the gap. I don’t know what I can do to finish this. HELP! PS: They didn’t get paid in full!

At this point the best you can probably do is to use a table saw and rip some pieces about 1 1/4 wide from the edge of new pieces of pergo and you should be able to just snap them down into the tongue/groove with no problem. You just have to cut and use the edge that matches up with where they left off.

I don’t have access to a saw, do you have any ideas to get the tongue off without spending $ buying tools? Would a router work? I don’t have any tools but know I’m going to need something. Just don’t have much money left. Thanks for your help!

You could measure and have a place like Home Depot rip the flooring for you. From what you describe, I don’t think you need to remove the tongue. You should be able to snap in the cut boards. You need an expansion gap that should be covered with floor molding. Are we missing something about why you say “…so I can’t just pit a strip in the gap”?

Sounds like you hired the wrong people to do your floors. If they left you anything to work with, cut the edge of that wood off and insert this where the floor needs to go into. This is an odd way to leave a floor undone. If they are from a reliable company, then go back to the owner and raise some cane! i WOULDN’T PAY ANOTHER DIME OUT TO SOME FLY- BY7-NIGHTER. And hope you had a legal contract to begin with drawen up. That until satisfied…NO pay.

Report the company to the better business and they will investigate the issue than perhaps your money will be returned.