We just purchased our first home. It was a bank-owned property. It is in excellent shape with the exception of the floors and other cosmetic nuances. Pets were left in the home after it was abandoned. The house feels toxic inside due to the filth and animal elimination. The carpets have been pulled and we are left with stained and foul smelling subfloor. How do we eliminate this odor w/o having to replace the subfloor?

Nature’s Miracle is the best pet stain and odor remover I have heard of. They now have an even better formula specifically for pet odors. You can get it at most pet stores for about $11/bottle. It’s worth a try in any case!

They beat me to the answer. Natures miracle works wonders. I’ve tried many different types but always end up going back to natures miracle. I use it in a garden sprayer to cover large areas.

I’ve heard of this. Actually, our home inspector told us about it. My only concern is that the praises and reviews are from folks who have used it on surfaces (such as carpet) rather then subfloors. I was thinking about using this as a first step, then going over with a couple coats of kilz. I would seal as a finishing step (like with polyurethane). This might be overkill, but I don’t want pet odor seeping through on down the road.

There is a product called PEE PEE it does work – . I’ve also had good luck with vinigar and water.

I had the same problem when I moved in to my first house two years ago. Only instead of a sub-floor, I was dealing with the original tongue-and-groove plank flooring. I had really wanted to clean it, then sand and polyurethane the wood but after scrubbing with several cleaning agents, the front room still smelled of cat urine. Freshly washed cat urine. I had never heard of Nature’s Miracle, so I used a coat of oil-based Kilz, then followed with a coat of latex porch and floor paint, in a color called Burnt Toast. Two years later, the floor paint is wearing through in spots and showing the white Kilz. And where two rolling chairs are used constantly, it’s coming up wholesale, brown and white alike. The good news is that there is no bad smell anymore.

Here are my lessons learned: First, I would use a thinner coat of Kilz. Second, when using porch and floor paint, wait for a weekend when you can paint on Thursday night, repaint Friday morning and go somewhere else until Monday. Use really thin coats, at least 4 hours apart. And it really does have to cure for days. Do not walk on it for several days, believe what the label says.