OK so we have decided that this thing would not cost much to run but that you could not expect a whole lot of heat. Didn’t matter. Better half wanted one. It was only a matter of time. I tried to steer her toward the 20 little box that also uses 1500W but it did not “look pretty”. Now we have the thing. Two prong plug. Says it is heater wire. Says 105C. When we turn the thing on, the wire and plug get awfully hot. Is this how the heat the room? Don’t know whether to not to return the unit. If anybody else has one of these things, does your wire heat up?

This, and all electric heaters, need a separate circuit. 1500 watts might get by on a 14 guage wire 15 amp., but best on 12 guage 20 amp. A lamp, TV or other could be on the same circuit, but nothing big. The plug in the wall might be loose and need replacing. The cord would get warm from the heat from a loose plug.

If the wire is getting Hot I would take it back. We use these type of heaters but we got them at Walmart. We have a Harbor Freight store over in Evansville but I’m limited what I do buy there & a Heater of this type is something I won’t buy there no matter how pretty it might be.