We are updating the bathroom in a rental property that has a steel bathtub with ceramic tile surround. We want to change from the old non-pressure controlled two knob faucet to the newer single control. I found some replacement tiles at the local Restore. How do I remove the old tiles where the two control knobs come through so I can replace the tiles to cover up the holes. The knobs and faucet are above the tub in the tile surround. I think I will only need to remove two to four tiles depending on where they put the faucet controls through.

I would suggest you get an oscillating “Multi Purpose Tool”. Harbor freight has one for $59.99 (may be on sale for $39.99). Use the scraper blade, or the “Half-Moon Cutter Blade”.

Thanks for the help. I have the tiles off and found some replacements at Home Depot. Between the top of the tub (steel) and the bottom of the tile there is a 3/4 inch space that is filled with grout (I think) It is cracked and the previous owner just caulked over it. What is the proper way to seal this area up? I am thinking of removing all of the old filler and then refilling with premixed grout to make it water tight and look good.