Since it’s pouring down rain in Chicago, I’m looking at indoor projects for the next few days! My son decided to soak something in the bathtub, and filled it with bleach. It’s taken off the top layer (the glossy part) of the finish. Now that area is really tough to clean, and looks yellow compared to the rest of the white tub. Has anyone used the bathtub refinishing kits that are available at Menards, Home Depot, Lowes? Did it work? How difficult was it? Does it last? How long until you can use the tub? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!

Sherwin williams has the spray cans get four of them about 15.00 each plus some acetone for cleaning and preping wait 30 min between each coat and do four coats not heavy. if you do get a drip wipe with the acitone. after your done wait 24 hrs never use bleach or one of those non slip suction pads again!

This is an okay quick fix for your problem and will last for a while, but in the long run, it will wear away and look splotchy. you would be better off checking on one of the inserts that “cover” the tub. this will last for a long time only exceeded by a total replacement of the tub. if you try it yourself, use “MUCHO PLENTY VENTING”to the outside and no open flame in the bathroom (water heater).. GOOD RESPIRATOR made for painting.

Is it possible to place the covers over the bathtub yourself, without too much trouble? I am a woman in my 60’s, not terribly strong, so wonder how hard this would be. I, too, have those horrible blotches from the stickies that someone put on the surface years ago, and they sure are a mess.

If the blotches are caused by a stain rather than by pitting or other damage to the surface, you might try this idea, which I saw on another email list a while back: Make a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Slather it on the blotches. Let it stand overnight and wash it down the drain in the morning.

I believe it was originally recommended for removing rust stains in bathtubs, but someone on that list used it for some other kind of stain and said it worked great. It might even work on pitted surfaces. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t vouch for it, but if you do try it, I’d love to hear if it works.

I guess I could try it. All I would have to lose is the price of the cream of tartar and the hydrogen peroxide. But the blotches are from the stickies, they are the residue I suppose, that won’t come off. I even tried to scrape them off with a razor and knife, but it’s hard and near about impossible. If I try the solution, I’ll let you know how it turns out. :-) That is why I was wondering if it’s hard to place the cover over the tub.

Have you tried any of the products like Goo Gone or just mineral oil, or cooking oil. Soak the spot and put a paper towel over the spot and just keep checking it. Painting over the sticky stuff will just cause more problems. We had our (brand new) tub resprayed because there were scratches completely through the surface. It took 3 tries for the professional to get it done without drips and weird fish eyes. Never again, the smell lingers for weeks. At least he wore a respirator while doing it but it was nasty.

Your experience really helped me figure things out. I am sure my husband would never allow for him to not use the shower for that long anyway. It seems like I’m stuck with those sticky residues in more ways than one. I’ve tried the Goo Gone. It did get off much of the top surface (back breaking work anyway pulling those little pieces off) but the rest of it stays. Ain’t life grand sometimes?