Some of my veggie plants look troubled. They are not growing vigorously and some leaves are turning yellow. I know it’s not for lack or water or nutrients, so I was puzzled. Then as I was watering I saw the ground cave in around those plants. So I now know that the plants are struggling because of gopher tunnels. In order to get rid of the problem someone suggested gopher plants. But I also heard that those plants don’t really do much. Someone else suggested those ultasonic things they sell at Costco. But I also heard that they are only temporary solutions. Another suggestion was smoke bombs in the tunnels. But what’s to keep the gophers from coming back? Anyone had any luck with the gopher problem?

OK take it from a professional, Owls and Gopher snakes are a good start, BUT a preemptive strike is best, if you can plan your garden ahead of time to have both above ground and bellow ground chicken wire, You will be off to a good start, Gopher purge is only good in the areas it grows and is a semi-myth, Sonic devices have failed completely when I tried them and have varying results based on soil type (clay or sand), I have had good success in running them away from their den’s with a high pressure water hose on their hole, but this works in compacted (non raised bed) soil and not effective at all if the Gopher has been there for a few weeks. The hands down best thing I know of is to put them into the food chain again with a loyal loving Cat- but watch out for Frogs /lizards / and birds as cats are non descriminate. – bottom Line, there are no easy way to get gophers, traps and bait still seem to be the most popular and most non-ecological solution. I did see a great Blue Herron in our gopher fields many seasons plucking gophers out of their holes, throwing them in the air and swalloing them whole, as if it was a fish. Very good nature show there. For me I simply overplant everything and hope for the best.

I suggest trying a combination of hot pepper spray and caster oil. I’ve never had this problem so I’m simply passing on something I’ve read.