My neighbor has offered me a nicely constructed raised bed framework.  Unfortunately, it’s made of treated wood…is there any way I can use it, somehow insulate the ground and our veggies from it, or should I politely decline?

If you’re concerned about your food supply, you could still take it and then raise flowers in it.

We did raised beds and to avoid the problem of chemical leaching, we lined the raised beds with plastic. We made sure to have drainage holes in the bottom and some drainage pipes (this depends on how deep your bed is) coming out the bottom sides and we also added Styrofoam chips (you could use gravel) in the bottom before putting in the soil. It works great…and no chemical leaching into the soil. The seniors love it and grow veggies, herbs and flowers…..we built them 3 raised beds. Also since I just joined, I thought I should introduce myself.

My name is Liz and I live in South Western Canada, (Regina Saskatchewan). My husband Richard and I love gardening but have always either lived in apartments or condos, so no yard or deck, only house plants….. We just moved into a house and can hardly wait to get our yard the way we want it. We are both Master Composters and are working on our Master Gardening certificate. We both very much want to go organic as much as possible. I just heard about „Lasagna Gardening” and I’m picking up the books called, Lasagna Gardening and Lasagna Gardening in Small Spaces and Containers from the library today. Our yard is long and narrow and a lot of it is shaded due to spruce/fir trees. We have one small section that gets at least 6 hours of sun and that will be our garden, even if it’s not the best place…speaking from a artistic point of view! :o)

We also want to have a couple of water features and Richard wants a small stream!! LOL Not sure about that one….but who knows! We’re game for anything!! It will be a challenge for sure, but I know we will figure something out. I think joining lists like this will be beneficial to us and I hope we can be of help to some of you also.

You could try using the horrid black plastic to seperate the wood from your veggies, but that’s not a very good suggestion as it isn’t good for the ground (suffocates it). You might try JUST covering the wood part, but that would be a pain. I can’t think of any way other than that. Maybe someone else has a GOOD idea!