I’m considering tiling my countertop, but the question comes in about the sink. Depending on how close I can get the tiles, is there any filler I can put in between the tile and the sink to take up the slack? It’s one where the edge is above the countertop, meaning it’s not placed under it. Is there some kind of filler/grout/silicone, etc., that I can place between the last row of tiles and the edge of the sink? Also, if I have to cut tiles, how hard is that?

A better way would be to raise the sink up and tile under the lip, It’s really pretty easy if you take a look at it. As far as cutting tiles, you can rent a tile wet saw from HD I think. I bought one for 89.00 that works well enough for an occasional job, not well enough for every day work tho. With a saw like that, it’s no problem to cut them.

My field is tile Murals and I have installed half of the projects I created. good luck…Use a template to mark the back of the tiles and cut with a tile saw if you have one. Home depoe will cut a few pieces for a small charge. You can cut the tiles with tile nippers..but please nip slowly… There is an adhesive that is used to adhere the tiles but it is usually a beige color and discolors with age… Grout always a safe way to go.