Had to replace the disposal so decided to get new sink & faucet. Have to find what I like within my budget. Found a Thermocast sink, cast acrylic. Oddly enough, I love the black one, perfect design and will look great in our kitchen. Have read reviews of Thermocast on-line and half hate it/half love it. All say the company replaced it with a new one if they had problems. Some say they scratch terribly others say it’s minimal if you take care of it like the company advises. Anyone have any experience with these?

I like the look of the Moen Extensa & Intrega & Renzo. They look very similar, single handle, pull out, we need chrome and the prices range all the way from $116 to $363. I want a single handle with a pull out faucet – but that has a longer/wider faucet where you can adjust spray rather. Any thoughts, experiences pro or con?

I don’t know anything about the products you mentioned but I recently bought and installed a PricePfister faucet. I love the look of it and it goes with my sink and kitchen but unfortunately, it leaks. I contacted them and they sent a new unit…it leaks. I am thoroughly disappointed.

I have a Thermocast sink in my kitchen for 4 years and it looks as new today as the day it was installed. I wanted a deep sink, and this was in my price range. Mine is the Inverness model, measuring 25 X 22 X 9 I should add that I do no cooking so my sink probably gets less wear than most, but I am very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone.