I know this is a long-shot, but I’m hoping there’s someone else on this list is from the South Texas / San Antonio area. I’m going to be having an in-ground pool put in over the winter and need any suggestions as to a reputable pool builder in the San Antonio or surrounding areas. I’ve heard some horrendous horror stories. Also, given our soil here, hard clay, dry, and shiftable, what would be the best to go with? Fiberglass, Gunite, or some other type of material to minimize maintenance and the possibility of cracking.

I don’t know the answer, but I’m also from Texas (Houston area), and I am also looking for the best pool solution. It is very frustrating since most of the information you can get comes from the same guys that want to sell you something. Not exactly and unbiased opinion… If anyone has experiences with different pool types in heavy clay soil, I’d love to hear.

I’m in Houston and our house has a gunite, plaster pool. It needs to be replastered, but the only cracks are on top on the pool deck, BTW our pool is about as old as the house, 25 years old. I looked up companies for estimates to replaster via the internet, checking how long they have been in business and if you can check their references. My brother had a lined pool and it was a mess, he finally took it out and had a gunite pool installed. Call the established pool companies, maybe ask the pool supply stores, or ask your neighbors who they recommend.

Have you looked on your local “Angie’s List”. Here is the link to the main list. Then you should be find the one for your area.