My husband priced the 2×4’s to use for putting up a partition/wall. we are going to start working on finishing our cellar and wondered if it really matters being inside and protected if we go with the less expensive lower grade of 2×4’s or if we go with the more expensive. We can NOT get full sheets of wallboard/sheetrock into the cellar. There is absolutely no way. so, we are intending on using either 1×6 or 1×8’s to finish the wall, starting at the bottom and working our way up, even considering tounge and groove. that means there will be wood on the wall besides the 2×4 studs. we are talking about reducing the cost 50% on the framework, but we want this to last too.
thanks for your time.

Use treated lumber wherever it touches the main foundation or floor. About the drywall, con you rip the sheets and then get them in? It would require more mudding, but…

I had the same problem with my basement. I simply cut them in half, brought them into the basement and installed them. There was of course a bit more taping, but nothing unmanageable.

I saw a man once who cut the drywall on the backside then folded the drywall. Once he got it where he wanted it he just unfolded the sheet rock and fastened it to the wall. If you cut it length wise you will have a piece 8ft x 2ft. Or cut it from side to side for a 4ft x 4ft piece. Be careful to hang on to it tight. If it slips out of your hands the paper will peel off as it is the only thing holding it together while in the folded position.