I am helping Seniors/Handicapped people build a Wheelchair ramp and steps. The deck and ramp were a breeze to do but before I undertake this next project, I would like anyone’s input on How To:…The steps up to deck, the left side is straight & 38″ but the right side is any length needed but it is at an angle. To insure my steps come out correct, will the angled side need to be the same length or longer than the straight side? I am not making this with standard stringers, tread, ect. but the boards will be attached inside with a heavy block to hold them. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone! But any help would be appreciated!

Just a little clarification. Are your stairs meeting the side of the ramp so the top of the stairs are sloped? Your best bet is establish a level spot that will be the bottom of the steps and determine the length of your stringers (the side boards that support the steps). Then space your steps parrelle to the base point. Max height 8 inches min 7 inches. Having the top not square will throw some people off and probably won’t pass code.

Hi, yes they will meet the side of stringers, straight not wrapped. It is the angle where the stringers meet the bulkhead of deck that is causing me grief! I just don’t know how to FIND the correct Angle to cut at.

One way without doinga lot of calculations is to cut a scrap board to the length of the bottom of the stringer. Place it against the top resting point and on the bottom resting point. Use a board or other spacer with parallel sides on the bottom resting point and draw a line on the temp stringer. Do the same with the top verticle cut. That will be you angles. When you cut the actual stringer don’t forget that you must layout the distance for the bottom of the stringer first and use the temp for the angle only not the length. If you forget the stringer will be too short. lay out one angle then shift the temp to fit the length before cutting the other angle.