I am toying with the idea of painting my kitchen, but the problem is that I now have vinyl wallpaper and don’t know what kind of paint I can use. This is a 3 year old mobile home and I am told that the walls are drywall with vinyl wallpaper. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You might want to look into products made by Zinsser. They have a product that seals wallpaper. They are supposed to be very good, hopefully you won’t have to remove the wallpaper.

Make sure that you use a good cleanser/degreaser especially around stove and sink areas and be sure to rinse it really well to leave no residue of the cleaning products.

Look at the seams. Make sure they are tight and adhered well. If you don’t want them to show, you can use a slight skim coat of drywall mud to cover them. Use sparingly as sanding very much is not a good idea. Prime well. Use roller for smooth surface but don’t get too much paint on the roller as the paint will tend to drip and run quite a bit more on the vinyl paper. Better to do at least a couple of lighter coats than to try to cover everything at once. Go back and check frequently to catch any of the drips. I have used Kilz brand primers for my own projects and I love the Signature line of paints from Lowes but stay away from the Glidden line there as I have had problems with this paint and will never use it again.

As long as there are no tears in the vinyl, I’d think just about any paint you want to use would be fine.