We recently bought a new house (new construction) in the suburbs of Atlanta and I would like to learn more about organic lawn care, so I hope this topic is covered in this forum. We have quite a nice population of birds, toads, some frogs and a lot of spiders in our yard. I’d like to keep them as happy as possible. My first big question is about weeds. We have a little over an acre of Bermuda grass, and are currently battling the weeds in the new yard (so our neighbors don’t hate us!).

I have been pulling many out by hand and mowing the rest, but there is one persistent weed which I need advice on. I’m pretty sure it’s prostrate knotweed and it is everywhere. I looked around on the internet and have read that it’s futile to pull it up because any little piece left will start a new plant. I also read that aeration will help some. Any advice, links or similar problems with prostrate knotweed and any advice on how to organically maintain Bermuda grass?

Thier is and out fit called Gardens Alive and they have and abundance of organic lawn care products that deal with all kinds of weeds in the lawn and out and thier base ingriedients is animal fats so I suggest you check them out at “gardensalive.com”.

Thanks! Looks like I missed the Spring time limit for weed control, but I’m going to order some organic fertilizer/weed control for this Fall from them.  I’m not too keen on the animal fat products, as I’m a vegetarian (though I have carnivorous pets, so I’m rolling around animal fat in lawn care in my head like a rusty bebe in a boxcar :), but I see that some of the weed control products are derived from corn syrup? Interesting stuff. I’ll post how my lawn likes it this Fall.

Don’t let your dietary needs confuse your gardening. The animal fats are diluted to the point that the carnavores can’t pick up the scent. The corn syrup stuff(aka gluten) only prevents the seeds from germinating but does nothing for the preexisiting problems. It was probably the clogging properties of animal fat that made you a vegitarian to begin with. It is those clogging qualities that make it so effective on weeds anyway.