I got a briggs & statton motor on my mower but has no spark replaced plug still none pulled flywheel checked points they look new not pitted cleaned rust off magneto as i was putting flywheel on i noticed magnets on flywheel one side seems to grab more than other is this normal also how do you tell if maneto is any good thanks in advance for any help

Take the spark plug out, hold the spark plug wire, and pull it through, but not too fast. If you pull fast you will get a strong shock. The idea is, if you pull slow, you should get a small shock. Or, you can put the wire on the3 plug and lay the plug on the motor. Then pull quickly, and you should see a spark at the plug- BLUE!. If it’s yellow or orange, the magnets is shot, but the coil is good. To replace the magnet, you have to change
out the flywheel.

With an ohmmeter you can check for continuity in the coil by measuring in the points housing. You should
read low ohms with the points open. If all this is good, try a new condensor. The old one may be shorted or open. Either way, you can’t get full spark.

The magnets are probably ok, they do have to be close to the wheel, you can use the thickness of a dollar bill to set the gap, if that don’t work, check the continuity of the wires

Make sure your points are opening and closing. I had a problem where the fiber piston that rides on the cam and opens the points expended and kept the points open which might no spark.

Has a briggs motor on my push mower and the spark at my plug is white is this caused by the points or the magneto i have never seen a magneto go bad or could it be caused by the plug tryed another plug but nothing changed thanks in advance for your input.