I am doing a sewing project that will involve cutting a metal retractable measuring tape into pieces and using it as a closure for a small purse. It will be bending and snapping back when it opens/closes. I bought a cheap one yesterday and think it’s kind of thin. But those we have at home don’t seem any thicker. It is really hard to see any difference in something so thin.

Can you tell me if some tapes are thicker then others. I just need a few feet since I don’t even know if what I’m trying will work and don’t want to spend $20 on something unless I can share with friends. If it doesn’t work I’ll be stuck with a cut off tape. If I know that one is thicker for sure I would spend the money on it. I am looking at the 3/4″ size.

Most tape measures are sold in such a way that you can ‘pull out the tape’ to have a look at it before you buy. If you go to a home reno store like Home Depot or Lowes you’ll be able to look at a bunch of tape measures to pick one to see if they have any that are ‘thicker’. Note that if you want to cut the tape you’ll likely need to use tin snips like these: http://jordancomputer.net/tools92.jpg. Also remember that if you cut the end of the tape measure off the tape will likely spring back inside the housing, so look for one with a screw holding it together so you can unscrew it to take it apart to get at the tape.

I would suggest buying one from Sears. Beware, don’t sew or makes holes directly through the tape. Sew it
into a tube. If you try to make a hole through the tape, it will split.

I knew someone would have some ideas. When I stop to see what’s at Home Depot or the like I will stop at an auto parts store. My husband is a saver. He might even have a recoil in the garage. He has chain saws, boat motors, snowblowers, etc. Something should be around here!

Well, anyway, I thought I’d check out this thread even though I have no need of a metal tape. Now I know I can use it for other purposes! Glad I read this.