Before I invest in a leaf blower, does anyone have any thoughts, experience using a leaf blower to blow leaves off the roof? Our new roof is so nice, but nearby oak trees are dropping leaves on the roof and I thought perhaps a leaf blower might be powerful enough to blow them off when I stand on a tall ladder.

If you don’t think this is a solution, please say so; if you think or know it will work, can you suggest what minimum power or other info I would eed to know to purchase the proper unit. I would only consider a wireless or electric unit, don’t want to have a gas powered unit. Any thoughts appreciated.

It should work, but, be sure to blow DOWN the roof. If you blow up the roof, you’ll strip off the shingles.

I’ve heard of tree service guys that blow out the gutters with a leaf blower while they are on the roof as a courtesy to their customers.

Thanks for the input; not sure I can blow down, since I would not be standing on the ridge of the roof, but on an 8 ft ladder. FWIW we don’t actually have shingles, but steel panels that fit together to look like clay tiles. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about which direction to blow. I want to avoid climbing and walking on the roof; so hoped the leaf blower would do the work for me.

This is great to know there is a kit when I’m ready to clean the gutters; I actually asked at Home Depot last fall about an attachment for my shop vac to clean the gutters and they just laughed at me, then showed me some pipe and My question was really about cleaning the roof, just to get back on track a little bit. I am happy to know though that there is a kit to clean gutters with. I bought a really stable ladder, but don’t get on the top step at all and try to avoid the next to top as well.

Roof cleaning and leaf blowers – will it work then? Are they powerful enough, we have a hip roof and one story.