I’ve decided I can tolerate a few years of my bathroom with a cheap reface. I need guidance on how to go about that with someone who’s been there. I would have to add to the foundation to do a nicer remodel which I can’t do just yet.

I have an older than the hills tub, which was reglazed at move-in but it only lasted 3 years before started to peel. I need a new sink (kohler 12yo pedestal; enamel cracked,faucet handles peeled 6 yrs ago). I’ve seen many ads with “800” numbers for those tub liners. But 800#s for “local” biz makes me wary. The toilet is fine but it’s a color I’m sure I can’t match, maybe-almond. I would replace toilet to white if feasible. Input appreciated.

If you keep an eye on Craigslist or one of the other free come get it list you may find a new tub and toilet or vanity for free. The better parts of town around here have a tendency to do remodels and are getting rid of practically like new tubs and vanities all the time. You just have to be flexible on style & size. Another place to check is habitat for humanity if they have a reuse it shop in your area.
If you come across a cast iron tub you could even have it painted any color you want before you install it by a auto body shop. Car paint holds up under extreme conditions but can be slippery when wet so consider this before using this option. They may even be willing to do a fiberglass one I’ve never checked.

Tubs can be a little more complicated to install due to placement of the drains & due to their size are hard to maneuver into place. But Vanities and Toilets are pretty standard and just about anyone the least bit handy can install one. And cabinets can be painted and with new hardware you’ll be amazed at the difference of the look.