Happen we had an accident when my husband was cleaning the inside of the tub, and slipped and hit his elbow against the side… leaving a goor 5-6 inch hairline crack…How do we for sure apply this kit to fix it back as good as new? WE picked up a repair kit at Lowes and off hand I would need to dig it out to tell you what it is called..but the man there said many installing tubs have used it, and if done right comes out like new. I read the directions once, where it states we are to open this crack a little more, for allowing this new-mending goop into the hole, and around the area etc..then let set and dry. Then something about using the file to smooth and then buff/polish the surface, to make it shine again….Okay who has a step by step picture instruction? Should we go under the tub and coat the fiberglass again where the crack is, to make sure it is solid. If so what do we use there? So far the crack has not gotten larger, but we can’t fill the soaking tub as full as we would like, or it will flood and ruin the floor beneath. We tried to find someone at Lowe’s to mend this right, only we get the run around: or they give us a phone number, that never gets us far..push button this and that, and never do get to talk to a real person. We are really upset over this silly accident.

I used to buy a lot of aquaglass tub and shower combos, they where fiber glass. When one of them would get damaged while building the house I would call aquaglass and they sent a man out to fix it for free. I would call aquaglass and see if you can hire their man to fix it.

Got a phone number to see if we have such a server to come here..we are desperate. WE have this kit, and not so sure it is the way to go, and then maybe mess up. I paid a lot of money and then Loews in Wooster said because we bought in another town, they never handled this one..we went back to Massillion and again got the run around. Seems like to them we bought one on sale..or no more made soon after. We had not installed this immediately and it was near a year later we got it in. Then one day, my husband had been cleaning and without thinking stepped inside to get the back side..and Wham-0 ! he slipped and hit the inside edge with his elbow. He should had put a towel or mat in before he stepped into the tub..he learned THE HARD WAY, AND i WAS ALSO UPSET WITH HIM FOR WEEKS. noBODY SEEMED TO WANT TO HELP GET THIS FIXED AND i MISS NOT BEING ABLE TO FILL THE SOAKING TUB UP.

I hired one of the refinishing companies to do mine (my wife stood in the tub with a kitchen chair and put the leg through it). The guy fixed the kitchen chair hole, but a year later, cracks started showing in another place. Biggest problem is making the material match. White isn’t white. I have decided to eventually replace the one I just fixed again. I purchased some Bondo Resin and some fiberglass fabric and did the whole bottom. I sanded the bottom and the sides and it seems to be holding. Biggest problem is trying to get it to ahdere to the side of the tub. I purchased a gallon which was more than I needed for the complete bottom. Kind of a mess coating the fabric first and getting it in the right place on the tub. I would recommend two coats of the resin.

The contractors around me told me that the installer did not set the tub in concrete or thin set such that the tub would hold up. Overall, I have found the cheap fiberglass remodeling tubs from the builders markets don’t seem to last unless you support them.

Anyway, there are people you can find on the web if you aren’t out in the sticks as I was (nearest of the two companies I found was 250 miles). My first fix job was about $150. I’m sure my most recent repair would have been twice that. The repair can be more than a new tub. But then there is that effort of removing installing a new one.