I wish to have cork floors put in the kitchen. I wish to save some money by removing the current vinyl floor before a flooring worker installs the cork. From a past project in the entry way using a putty knife and painter’s 5 in 1 tool, I know it is difficult to remove vinyl. Are there any other tools to use to make it easier?

There is an oscillating tool called a Multi-Function tool. You can get one from Harnor Freight for $40. Use the scraper blade, and power the old stuff off.

My preference is a long handled scraper, either of those found in the paint or roofing dept, good gloves and a torch. There is a short learning curve and some odor, however, much faster than than any of the “multi-tools” whether by FEIN, PORTER CABLE or Harbor Freight. Also, should you elect to use a MULTI-TOOL, keep the blade moving. Because the blade oscillates at a high rate, holding the blade in one place for too long will cause it to overheat and deform or become dull and in need of replacing.

There is a tool called a Spyder made by a company called Simple Man Tools http://www.spyderscraper.com/ It comes in three sizes and fits in a recip saw.

Removed many vinyl floors over the years-the tool that I count on is a good scraper – like the village blacksmith it is heavy duty with a 3in and 7/8″ tip and a 62″ handle–if you keep it sharp and maintain it -you will get many years use out it.

I find the best way to remove vinyl tiles is with hot iron and small flat blade screw driver. Just hold iron, on tile until it gets hot and they will peal up. It only takes about 30 sec to heat up tile.