My son dropped off his Samsung Blackjack with a note that it no longer worked. He also left an external battery charger. I have found that if you charge the battery when it is not in the phone and then insert the battery and turn on the phone, you have an excellent hand warmer. The battery only stays charged for about one hour and it is likely a good thing or it would burn a hole in the table. Is there any way to tell if the battery is shorted or if the short is in the phone? I am thinking that since the battery does not heat up during external charge that the phone is shot but if all it needed was a battery, that would be worth a look.

If the battery does not get hot when being charged out of the phone, then it is not the battery. So, it would have to be the phone.

Charge up the battery, test with voltmeter to see if it holds it’s charge for a few hours, or better yet, overnight. If it does not discharge, you can bet the current draw is from the phone rather than the battery.

That was a good idea. But now I am a little confused. What else is new? The battery has three contacts and the markings on the battery SEEM to indicate that the center is “ground” and the right is positive with the left being negative. But that is not what the battery shows on the meter. I show 3.8 volts between the right and the center and also 3.8 volts between the right and the left. Both voltages are in the same direction.

I can’t believe that a battery would fail by reversing its contacts BUT does anybody know if there really should be a plus and minus reading on a phone battery? I will wait until tomorrow to check the volts again to see if the battery drains itself. If it does not, I am leaning toward calling the phone shorted and throwing it away. But it sure would be a shame if a mere 13 dollars would fix the thing.