The foundation of my house is cinder blocks. At one corner there is a separation between the blocks and the corner. Yellowjackets have made a nest in there. On the local “Mr. Fixit” show last Sat. they were talking about how to get rid of bees, hornets, wasps and yellowjackets. Several experts called in with great info. The spray foam options are supposed to be good and one guy said to go out at 5 in the morning and spray because they would all be in the nest at that time. I did that. I emptied the can into that crack. Not only are the yellow jackets still flying around, they are up on my porch waiting for me to open the door! I know that they get really angry this time of year and I need to be very careful not to get stung. I had a bad reaction to a bee sting last month and yellow jackets stings are worse. Can anyone give me some good advice? I am a 70 year old female with limited funds so I must be able to do this myself.

We had a terrible infestation a few years back, the nest must have weighed more then my daughter! anyway, my husband went out in the middle of the night and used our hose with the nozzle on the end and sprayed it to smitherenns! he had to go back the next night with the spray foam stuff, but they where gone. id get a son or brother or neighbor to do it though. they can be really nasty!

If there is a nest or cluster where you can see them get a can of wasp & Hornet spray. It will spray a long ways so you don’t have to get close. Hope this helps.

I too have a problem with ground hornets or yellow jackets I’m not sure what they are but they have a nest under my front stairs in the ground. It took a few days and a few cans of hornet/wasp spray, but they are finally gone.

I tipped the stairs away from the wall. I used one can of hornet/wasp spray on the underside of the stairs. I then used another can in and around the hole, then covered the hole with dirt and sand (1-2 inches), then used another can over the area where the dirt was placed. I did this at dark 8:30 pm (as someone told you they will all be in the nest and sleeping at night so they are less likely to attack as you spray). There were a handful who had not been in the nest at the time and I sprayed them as they came back the next few days to where their home used to be, but after a week or so they either all died or left because I stopped seeing them around.