My husband bought a light and installed it, we do have a shut off switch to it, so we can shut it off for the night, but we really don’t want to, we want it for security and for coming home after dark. It will turn on as you open the door, and is on for 10 seconds and then dims. It does not go back off. When it does go back off, we are outside trying to get to the car in the pitch dark, LOL. You have to be in constant motion to keep the light on Once we leave it will stay on and won’t shut off. It will be on when we get home from where ever we went. He has adjusted it and just can’t seem to get the setting right. Any suggestions on how to set it up. He has the bulbs placed where we want them to shine.

I have a simpler solution. Instead of the fancy switching modules, I use an 18, or, 23 watt CFL. The power consumption is so low, I don’t worry. That wattage will barely show up on the light bill.

Unfortunately, that’s not a solution for really cold climates; there’s a temperature below which CFLs don’t work.

Most of these types of lights have the option of turning it “on” permanently. Something like turning the switch off for a secod or two then back on. Then to reset turn the switch off for 30 seconds or so then back on. Take a look at the instructions that came with it, it should describe the process.

I assume by “electronic eye” light you mean a motion detector. Telling us the make (and possibly model) would help just a bit. Like everything else in this world there is not only one type. ALL of these lights have setting from one or two to 10 or 20 minutes. Your husband just has the settings wrong.