I have a big problem, I sell on eBay and I sold a D&B purse one of those small tassel IT ones, anyway I stated that the interior needed cleaned, The buyer came back at me that they wanted the interior cleaned before shipment. I know I should tell them that the reason I started it so cheap was because it needed cleaned… But what can I say… I learned something about eBay… Always State the Obvious… I sold it for less than $30 so if I have to take it to a shop and have it redone I’ll go in the negative… any ideas?

I am going to send it out today along with a nice note( I really mean a nice, polite note..LOL…) and see what happens. Its not that bad, it was used and you no how kinda dusty, dingy looking not dirty just used looking, I probably overstated the fact.. LOL trying to be honest. I have gotten burned a couple of times buying on line and I don’t want to mislead or disappoint anyone when I sell my stuff. so I guess everything will work out one way or the other. Thanks again I was going to try and find someone or do it myself, It
was encouraging to know I was right this time.

Only problem is, eBay has some asinine new rules. One of which allows a buyer to leave negative feedback if he/she happens to feel like it, but a seller is allowed to leave only positive feedback or no feedback. And, a sellers negative feedback score affects eBay’s new policy that determines where your future listings show up when prospective buyers do a search for an item. eBay sucks for sellers, Plus, their new charges, including Paypal charges, add up to about 20 percent of the price that your item sells for.

I sold on Ebay for years and it seems to me that you did state the obvious. The seller bid on it in the condition that you stated and I do not think that you are obligated to clean it. I would simply state that and if they don’t want it, offer it to the next highest bidder or relist it. It’s just not worth the effort on your part. They buyers request is unfair in my opinion. Just wondering if the buyer is a new bidder or what.