We had Pella window replacements installed about 5 years ago and have not had a problem till now. When we last closed the casement on the side of our bay window it would not crank closed the last inch or so. Because we needed the window closed we gently pushed on the outside to get it closed. There is a $72 service charge but the parts are still under warranty for 10 years. Is there anyone who may have had this problem or know anything about windows who would have any advice?

We live in southern Wisconsin where it is lovely today, mid 60’s, but that’s just to fool us into not thinking winter is on the way. The service person could not make it for about three weeks at which time it could be snowing here! So, I guess we might as well wait for Spring to call back if we decide to have someone from the company do it. Please let me know if you can think of anything we can try. Although at this point maybe we should not try to fix it and wait till after winter. What if it gets stuck open worse than it was when we last
closed it. Your opinions?

Open the window. The pivot brackets are adjustable.

You did say the window is closed. I think your thinking is correct in leaving it until next spring and warmer weather. The problem could be any number of possibilities from moisture getting into the framing, hardware adjust on the topside, to a problem with a tight header or frame on the house. Any person can get your window to close well, but that doesn’t mean the problem was fixed. Bay windows more often than not are complex with more detail to consider, give yourself and the repair guy a better time to do it right.