We live in Florida on 3 acres and are having a bee problem. They seem to be thirsty as they are gathering at our hose/nozzle area and around our horse’s water buckets. We have tried to get rid of them by sprays mostly but they keep coming back. Yesterday my husband sprayed big time and a bunch wound up on our windowsill in one of the bedrooms! How did that happen? Window closed and everything seemed sealed. We have a/c wall units in that room, could they have come in there and then landed on the window sill? Well today, I checked the water nozzle again and they are starting to gather again. I am afraid they are going to come back in droves again. Any suggestions or anybody know what’s up with the bees?

When you find a big ball of them, that’s a swarm. There is a queen in the center of that ball. They don’t sting while in a swarm, but will eventually find a hole to nest in, often in an attic. You should call a local beekeeper, who will gladly come out and remove them for the bees. If you can’t find a beekeeper, call your local agricultural service. They should be able to help you out. The ones around the water sources are likely swarming, but leave the swarm from time to time, to find water.

I am a honey bee lover and feel compelled to put in my 2 cents. Please, do not kill them. First, are you sure that these are honey bees? These could possibly be wasps/hornets. Have you tried to seal up the window frames? This may help.

Honey bees will not behave aggressively unless their hive is under attack. If these are indeed honey bees, they are simply very thirsty & because yours is probably the only water supply nearby, they hang out there to drink. Are you living in a drought state with very little rain?

Please, do not kill them. They are beneficial to humans, they pollinate the majority of our crops and provide delicious honey. There is probably a beehive nearby that you could have re-located by a professional to another area (check your phone book). In the mean time, place a shallow pan of water with large rocks in it away from the house this may help to draw them away. She needs to light on the rock to drink, for bees cannot swim. The honey bee is quite gentle and also currently is in decline throughout the U.S. We all will be in dire straights the day the honey bee stops buzzing.

I think you may have a hive close, maybe even in the attic somewhere, can you see which direction they are flying off in after they drink, I am sure you know we have the Africanized bees here in Florida and they sometimes settle in the eaves of houses. Not too long ago there was a hive in St. Cloud, Fl. I never did hear if they were Africanized or not.