Does anyone know what I can put under my house to keep animals out? I have skirting all around the house and thought I had it sealed to keep everything out, but they still are getting under the house and on the ac ducts making all kind of noise. I can’t get my wife to sit under the house with a shot gun to shoot what ever it its.

First thought would be to trap it/them. you can use a live animal trap if you want, most animal shelters usually offer them for your use.

I have the exact same problem you do, and these critters are tearing up the duct work and also tearing down the insulation.?? It has gotten incredibly expensive to “house” these critters.

You like dogs? Can you afford one? Have you the time for one? Get a small terrier like a Parson Jack Russell type – fierce as hell and tenacious (guard your slippers) – put it under the house regularly or leave a couple of access holes for it to do it ad hoc. Expect screams, blood and gore. Be rid of the critturs!

Should use chicken wire first then the skirting. Might have moles, ground hogs, or what ever small burrowing animal is local to your area. Might be something as minor as field mice. Good cure for them are some outside cats.