I have been reading Japanese books on efficient architecture and have decided to put cabinets in the walls of some of my hallways between the studs. I want the doors to close shut onto the drywall so that they don’t stick out much and grab you as you walk by. I am familiar with the traditional recessed medicine cabinet and I wish someone sold one made of powder coated steel that would insert right between my studs but be
7 ft tall and use kitchen cabinet thin doors. I was just wondering if anyone here had done something
like that.

My next project is to think about installing pull down attic stairs in my kitchen so that I could climb up the ladder and be surrounded by shelves to store large pots and appliances and kitchen stuff that doesn’t fit easily in existing storage cabinets.

My mother did just this in her bathroom when she built her house years ago. I don’t know what kind of door she used, but I know it wasn’t anything special ordered, being frugal. It does work very well though, for already there storage space.

Thanks for the idea. We have a long narrow hall way that we could do this in. Not sure how much strage you’ll get from this type of thing but You can never have enough storage space.

It depends on what you want to store, but if you need a lot of little storage places… May work? It would be great for Christmas stuff, lol.

You could cut a piece of plywood and tack on some trim to make it look nice. hang it on hinges on the wall over an open stud bay. or you could just use some old cabinet doors stacked up the wall.

It could be done..you would need to find either a welder and some sheet metal..or go to a sheet metal shop and see what they would charge you. in my humble opinion, even 025 ga. would be to heavy. at 7ft. tall. there are powder coating places, we use one all the time, for motorcycle parts..and such. I also know that my friends company brought some powdercoat company came in a “painted” all the steel cabinets..at least i think it was powder coating.