I have been trying to read through the posts and gather as much info as possible. I have also looked at all of the pics. Lots of info. I was wandering if there is a difference between burning WVO and waste crank case oil. Is the BTU about the same for the two of them? Will I have to do something different for a burner set up? I prefer to use crank case oil as I am on a farm and we always have plenty of oil. Most of the topics I have seen and most of the pics I saw were for WVO. This is why I ask if there is a difference in the way the burners are set up. Out of all the info that I have found I did not see any step by step guide to modifying an old becker? Did I just miss it?

There is no step-by-step yet. I’ve been working on one, but my day job keeps getting in the way. By day, I’m a mild-mannered art director in the publishing field but at night… yes, in the early hours of the evening, I put on my “Saving the World One Oil Burner At-a-time” red spandex suit and press forward. It’s a messy job. The members here who are building their siphon nozzle burner are studying the photos, reading the posts, locating their parts and pretty much putting two and two together by reading through the posts and asking questions. It’s good to be to be a little mechanically inclined plus be able to figure from the photos what’s going on. But I wouldn’t let that stop me.

My prediction is that we will see $4.50 to $5.00 gallon gasoline by Jan/Feb and that home heating will surge to $3 to $3.25 as well. Get ready for MORE instantaneous price-gouging at a station near you. If you have a 500 gallon tank that’s a lot of money. I’m going into my fourth winter burning veg oil so it can be done. You are absolutely, there has not been a lot of discussion about burning waste motor because I from what I’ve read from past posts, once you have your siphon nozzle burner set up to run veg oil, putting waste motor oil through it is the same, just a little re-adjustment on the air pressure and vane air. I don’t burn it myself. It still has to be filtered, of course.

wvo requires a higher preheat temperature. I think motor oil has a higher btu output. I always get a larger flame on motor oil than wvo. That aside, the burner conversion is the same. I recommend a digital temperature controller from eBay to control the preheater, this way you can adjust the temperature to suite the oil and you have a digital readout of the current temperature.