I’ve spent many hours reading through all of the information contained on this site and find it great. Here is my situation and questions: We have a VW Tdi and maybe a Mercedes 300D that we think may make Bio for or run them on WVO. We have made Bio but are still trying to decide the best (least messy, easiest, etc…) way to do all this. We are also hoping to run whatever method we decide to use in our home heating furnace. QUESTIONS: Which is easier/better to convert to and run instead of HHO, Bio or WVO? Is there anyone in the Marlborough, MA. Area that has done a furnace conversion (either way) to come and take a look? Get advice from? I guess we are trying to determine what would be the best way to go for home and auto before I buy all the parts for and build a bigger Bio still. Thanks in advance to any and all that can help out. I look forward to hearing back.

There’s no set rule. What is “easier and better” depends on your situation. If you have the room and the biodiesel rig already it seems that it’s easier to make enough biod for both the house and the veggie-mobiles . Then you don’t waste time and money investing in a oil burner conversion. If you are very mechanically inclined and can build a veg-oil yourself, then you don’t have that step of having to make extra biodiesel, which, if you live in the North East, could be lot. You just filter your veg-oil, put it in your tank and you are pretty much done. I don’t have a safe space to make biodiesel so a veg-oil burner works better in my particular situation, and it’s probably different for everybody.

If I do end up going the BioD route, will I need to make any type of conversion to my furnace? Or can I just put the BioD into the 275 gallon tank and let it go as it seems like that it what you are saying in your reply.

Also keep in minfd that there is a cost, probably 75 cents to a dollar, per gallon of biodiesel. WVO is pretty close to free. And making biodiesel can be very dangerous. Besides the space, you need the temperament to deal with caustic and explosive chemicals and the security to ensure no kids or animals get to them.